Youth Justice

Youth Justice provides support to youth in the justice system and partnership with youth probation. Helping to sustain restorative processes in our community by promoting healing, increased accountability and community connection.

The youth justice program also provides Intensive Support and Supervision (ISSP) as directed by the courts. The program assists youth in serving their sentence in the community while making positive changes and improving behaviour through life skills, connection to counselling, cultural activities, mentoring, and connection for holistic well-being.

Ktunaxa Kinbasket Justice Services works with youth who need legal assistance. These services include:

  • Supervise the Intensive Support and Supervision Program with youth
  • Assist with problems with the law or understanding the law
  • Support persons to fill out legal documents or forms
  • Serve Court documents to appropriate parties
  • Facilitate the Restorative Justice Program
  • Supervise the Community Work Program for youth

The service is based at the KKCFSS ʔaq̓am Office (St. Mary’s/Cranbrook) and provides outreach support throughout the East Kootenays.