Guardianship Services support children and youth alongside their families and community in both court mandated services and voluntary services. We are guided by the CFCSA (Child, Family, and Community Services Act), AOPSI (Aboriginal Operational and Practice Standards and Indicators), Bill C-92An Act respecting First Nations, Inuit and Métis children, youth and families and by the communities and families that we serve.

We support and work with children and youth on:

  • Voluntary Care Agreements
  • Special Needs Agreements
  • Continuing Custody Orders
  • Temporary Custody Orders
  • Extended Family Program
  • Youth Agreements
  • Independent Living Agreements

This work includes connection and collaboration with families, community and other people that the children and or youth may identify as important. This is accomplished through one to one work, groups, and connection with outside agencies.  Guardianship services goals are to help the children and youth plan for permanency whether that be through reunification with family, placement with family or other closely connected adults and/or to help with the plan for independence and the transition to adulthood.

The Guardianship team also has a Life Skills Program that offers the opportunity for teenagers to participate in life skills such as a bi-weekly cooking group, budgeting workshops, navigating community resources and other life skills as identified by the individual.

We also have a Family Finder on the team who works with any individuals connected to the agency in developing family trees/genograms, determining eligibility for Status with their bands and assisting in the application process and other tasks associated with connection to their families.