Youth Groups

Youth groups of various formats are available in different communities we serve during the school year. This program is open to all children and youth in the community, both in and out of care. It is a safe place for kids to come and have a chance to do culturally appropriate and relevant crafts, like regalia making, Ktunaxa language practice, vision boards, self-identity projects and life books. The attendees also have the opportunity to have fun, build friendships and strengthen community networks. These programs are well attended and mean a great deal to their participants.

Girls Group



Activities for girls aged 11-14, includes equine therapy, riddle challenge, promoting physical activity and team work, selfie scavenger hunt, cooking and baking skills, etc. The girls learn about body image, body changes, boundaries, journaling, friendship, social network safety, substance use and more. Other activities include mental health and wellness activities, guiding girls to community based mental health programs, supports and resources, learning about youth legal rights, sexual education and health, and group-based activities promoting team building and leadership skills.

Our Girls Group currently runs weekly in a few communities and supports Aboriginal girls attending the local middle and high schools.

Boys Group

It is through the success of the men’s group and how it relates to fatherhood that we decided to implement a boy’s group to expand this knowledge on fatherhood to boys at an earlier stage in their lives.

Since starting the boy’s group we’ve had many youths join who may have otherwise not been able to participate in healthy after school activities.

The youth have spread the word about this group and numbers continue to grow, bringing in more youth that just want to play and have fun.

Although this group is facilitated through active play, it provides an environment in which to learn about traditions, developing into healthy fathers and engaging with their respective communities and community events.