Family Connections & Culture Group

This family support group provides weekly support to Indigenous Families with children ages 6-9. It began in June 2018. The benefit is to the whole family through providing support to both the children and parents/caregivers. It encourages stronger family units and community connections.  The weekly group runs as an evening and weekend program in the spring and summer. The family support group is facilitated by support workers, Elders and Knowledge-Holders who come and work with families.

The group has families doing cultural activities together. Traditionally Ktunaxa children learned from members of their family and this group provides opportunities for parents to teach their children through Indigenous Ways of Knowing or traditional activities. Ktunaxa Knowledge-Holders consult on the activities, sharing cultural traditions and practices with the group. In addition, Métis activities are provided to support any families that identify as Métis, with similar supports being offered to other First Nation families.