Ktunaxa Nation Service Delivery Principles

Governing/Institution Principles

  • Relationships, programs, services, supports, practices, and governance structures are based on Ktunaxa ways of knowing and being.
  • Ktunaxa values are integrated into planning and delivery of services.
  • Self-government begins with strong, healthy citizens and communities.
  • Cultural knowledge and traditional practices are respected as integral to the well-being of individuals, families, and communities.
  • Development approaches center on the best interests of the client and are delivered within a holistic approach, as defined by Ktunaxa Nation.
  • Engagement with Ktunaxa citizens and communities is central to the design and delivery of programs and services.
  • Programs and services are regularly monitored and evaluated in a transparent manner to ensure that budgets are managed efficiently, and desired outcomes are being achieved.
  • Program and service funds are only used in the most effective, fair and responsible manner, respecting the conditions and criteria attached to funds.
  • Services will continuously develop, based on evidence of what works.
  • Best practice standards for core services are established by combining evidence based data with cultural influences.
  • Program and service delivery structures are aligned with Legislation, regulations, standards, and policies.
  • Services are integrated with other services provided by government ministries and community agencies, wherever possible (and appropriate).
  • Services are coordinated and integrated at community and Nation levels.

Client Interaction Principles

  • The needs, priorities and expectations of clients are at the core of how services are delivered;
  • Clients are treated with dignity, respect, and fairness.
  • Service delivery respects the differences amongst clients, including but not limited to cultural, geographic, social, economic, and demographic diversities.
  • Clients are provided with clear, reliable, accurate and current information about services.
  • Programs and services are accessible to every Ktunaxa individual, whether on or off reserve, Status or non-Status.
  • Clients’ personal information and privacy are protected.
  • Cultural diversity rights, views, values and expectations are respected in the delivery of services;
  • Programs and services address root causes including systemic and structural barriers which impact the well-being of Ktunaxa individuals, families, and communities.
  • Programs and services are responsive to the diverse and evolving needs of individuals, families, and communities, supporting their social, emotional, physical, cognitive, cultural, linguistic and spiritual development.