Foundry East Kootenay – Youth Health & Wellness Centre

Foundry is a provincially-funded network of facilities in British Columbia providing comprehensive barrier-free medical, mental health and social resources for all youth 12 and 24 years old, as well as their caretakers. In order to reduce the barriers youth face in attempting to receive support, Foundry East Kootenay will not require clients to make advance appointments or join a waitlist. In addition to being accessible to all youth, Foundry East Kootenay ensures a culturally responsive environment grounded in Indigenous values and respectful of Indigenous ways and knowledge systems.

In June 2020, KKCFSS was selected as the lead agency to create and operate a Foundry Centre for East Kootenay, based in Cranbrook. Once Foundry East Kootenay opens it will provide accessible early intervention, mental health, substance use, peer support, primary care and social services to youth in Cranbrook and the surrounding area.

Coming soon at 100/106 – 12th Ave, Cranbrook, BC. The opening date has not been announced, but KKCFSS’ projected target is the begging of 2024.



To book an appointment with Foundry service providers or learn more about their services please call Foundry at 1-833-FØUNDRY (that’s FØUNDRY with a zero or 1-833-308-6379) between 1:15 to 9 pm Monday to Friday. You can send Foundry an email at or register online to book an appointment at any time!

The services below are for Foundry Virtual- the online Foundry centre that offers services to young people and their families from the comfort of their own homes. Foundry works closely with in-person Foundry centres, but this is not the place to book an online appointment with your local centre.