What We Do

Ktunaxa Kinbasket Child & Family Service Society (KKCFSS) is a non-profit Delegated Aboriginal Agency governed by the Ktunaxa Nation Council Social Sector Board. KKCFSS is available to Ktunaxa citizens, First Nations, Métis and Inuit living on and off-reserve in the Ktunaxa Traditional Territory.

KKCFSS believes in a holistic approach to providing services with some fundamental beliefs:

  • Healthy communities make healthy children
  • Children are the future of our, and all, nations
  • Children have the right to a safe, secure and culturally appropriate family and community experience
  • Children have the right to grow up connected to their family, community and culture
  • Families have the right to culturally relevant services

Board of Directors

Name Position
Codie Morigeau President, ʔaq̓am
Debbie Whitehead Ex-officio Chair (Non-Voting Member of the Board)
Jason Louie Lower Kootenay Indian Band
Corey Letcher Tobacco Plains Indian Band
Theresa Kains ʔakisq̓nuk First Nation
Johanne Allard Shuswap Indian Band
Debra Fisher Métis Nation British Columbia

Our integrated, multi-disciplinary teams deliver holistic services through the following key programs areas:

  • Intake and Child Protection
  • Guardianship and Family Delegated Services
  • Kinship and Residential Care
  • Aboriginal Family Support Services
  • Prevention, Early Intervention and Therapies
  • CYMH Wellness and Family Counselors
  • Early Years Program
  • Reconnection and Cultural Support
  • Justice Support Services
  • Aboriginal Youth Services
  • Admin Support Services and Maintenance

Involvement of Family, Culture and Community are encouraged through all programs.

Strategic Pillars