What We Do

Ktunaxa Kinbasket Child & Family Service Society (KKCFSS) is a non-profit Delegated Aboriginal Agency governed by the Ktunaxa Nation Council Social Sector Board. KKCFSS is available to Ktunaxa citizens, First Nations, Métis and Inuit living on and off-reserve in the Ktunaxa Traditional Territory.

KKCFSS believes in a holistic approach to providing services with some fundamental beliefs:

  • Healthy communities make healthy children
  • Children are the future of our, and all, nations
  • Children have the right to a safe, secure and culturally appropriate family and community experience
  • Children have the right to grow up connected to their family, community and culture
  • Families have the right to culturally relevant services

Board of Directors

Name Position
Jason Louie President, Yaqan Nukiy
Debbie Whitehead Ex-officio Chair (Non-Voting Member of the Board)
Sancira Williams-Jimmy ʔaq̓am
Corey Letcher Yaq̓it ʔa·knuqⱡi ‘it
Theresa Kains ʔakisq̓nuk First Nation
Johanne Allard Shuswap Indian Band
Debra Fisher Métis Nation British Columbia

Our integrated, multi-disciplinary teams deliver holistic services through the following key programs areas:

  • Intake and Child Protection
  • Guardianship and Family Delegated Services
  • Kinship and Residential Care
  • Aboriginal Family Support Services
  • Prevention, Early Intervention and Therapies
  • CYMH Wellness and Family Counselors
  • Early Years Program
  • Reconnection and Cultural Support
  • Justice Support Services
  • Aboriginal Youth Services
  • Admin Support Services and Maintenance

Involvement of Family, Culture and Community are encouraged through all programs.

Strategic Pillars